September 20 - 27, 2023

eight-days trip • plane • bus

This is nothing new - we all know that Montenegro is known for its natural beauty. A cursory visit to the most famous tourist sites along the Adriatic coast and in the hinterland does not allow us to see their true value. Therefore, we will get to know some of the selected places with the help of locals who are experts in the field of nature conservation. It will be livened up by a visit to some important cultural monuments, where we will learn why Montenegro is the way it is today.

Day 1: Wednesday, 20. 9. 2023

In the middle of the day arrival by plane in Montenegro. After completing the formalities at the airport, drive to the waterfalls on the Cijevna River. Visiting the falls and troughs ("Niagara") and lunch by the river. Drive to the village of Medun nad Podgorica, located on a karst field, where the great Montenegrin patriot and writer Marko Miljanov lived and created. We will visit his museum and, based on his records, we will go to the not too distant past, when the social order was (and partly still is) based on clans. We will also see the remains of a medieval castle, from which you will have a beautiful view of Podgorica. Povratek v Podgorico, nastanitev v hotelu, večerja in prenočevanje.

Day 2: Thursday, 21. 9. 2023

After breakfast, take a bus from Podgorica to the Crnojevića River. We will hike to its source in Obodska Cave and then take a boat ride downstream to its mouth in Skadar Lake. The slow-flowing river, only a few kilometers long, is rich in aquatic flora and fauna, and with a little luck we can observe many water birds. Drive to Virpazar on the Skadar Lake and visit the Besac fortress above. Drive to the Adriatic coast, dinner and overnight.


Day 3: Friday, 22. 9. 2023

After breakfast we drive to Stari Bar and visit the fortress and aqueduct from the Ottoman period, as well as the protected olive tree, said to be the oldest in the world. From there, the route takes us to Ulcinjska Solana, where we can see a wetland with characteristic plants and, with some luck, observe water birds. Then we will drive to Velika plaža, one of the longest beaches on the eastern Adriatic coast. During a walk along the dunes and their hinterland we will learn about ecological issues and the conflict of interests between mass tourism and nature protection. Dinner and overnight in Ulcinj.


Day 4: Saturday, 23. 9. 2023

After breakfast we drive to the mountain ridge of Rumija, which separates Lake Shkadra from the Adriatic Sea. From the panoramic road that runs along the slopes of Rumija, we have a magnificent view of Lake Shkodra all the way to Shkodra in Albania and the border river Bojana and its mouth into the sea. We stop at several viewpoints where we get acquainted with the remains of chestnut forests, look for the growth of oak Quercus trojanae and Ramonda serbica endemic to the Balkans. We will end the scenic drive in Virpazar, from where we will drive to the Bay of Kotor, where we will have dinner and spend the night in the hotel. Quercus trojanae in balkanskega endemita Ramonda serbica. Slikovito vožnjo bomo zaključili v Virpazarju, od koder se bomo odpeljali proti Kotorskemu zalivu, kjer bo v hotelu večerja in prenočevanje. 


Day 5: Sunday, 24. 9. 2023

After breakfast we drive to the small town of Risan and visit a very well preserved Roman mosaic and learn about the rich history of these places. Along the coast we return to the south and stop in the small town of Perast for a short sightseeing and coffee. Then we continue our journey to Dobrota, where we visit the Boka Aquarium and learn about the marine fauna of this part of the Adriatic and what threatens them all in their natural environment. A little further on we stop in Kotor, where we do a short sightseeing tour together and then have some free time for our own explorations. After that we will drive to the hotel, have dinner and spend the night there.


Day 6: Monday, 25. 9. 2023

In the morning we take a panoramic drive on the road that leads from Kotor to Cetinje. In between we will make some stops at the most beautiful viewpoints. We will also stop in Lovčen National Park and visit the mausoleum of Njegoš. Upon arrival in Cetinje, we check into the hotel and then explore the former Montenegrin capital on foot, seeing the former royal palace and climbing the Orlov krš, where Bishop Danilo is buried. From here we have a beautiful view of the whole city. After the tour you will have time until dinner. Overnight stay in Cetinje.


Day 7: Tuesday, 26. 9. 2023

After breakfast, we will drive to the outskirts of today's Podgorica, where the important city of Duklja was located in ancient times. We will familiarize ourselves with the strategic location of the city, which connected the Adriatic coast with the hinterland, and visit the remains of the thermal forum and other administrative buildings. Then we will drive to the village of Delaj nad Podgorica, where we will be the starting point for a very picturesque descent to the Cijevna River, which rises in Prokletija in Albania and flows into the Morača near Podgorica. On its way it has dug a gorge up to 1000 m deep, into which we will descend from the top of the plateau (about 730 m difference in altitude, length about 5 km). A bus will be waiting for us at the river, which will then take us to Podgorica, where we will have dinner and spend the night.


Day 8: Friday, 27. 9. 2023

Drive from the hotel to the airport and flight Podgorica - Brnik. We will arrive in Slovenia in the late morning hours.


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The price depends on the number of participants:

10-14 oseb: 1.370,00 €,

15-19 oseb: 1.190,00 €.

Končni obračun bo narejen glede na dejansko število udeležencev, cena v nobenem primeru ne bo presegla objavljenih cen.

The price includes:

  • air transport on the route Ljubljana - Podgorica, Podgorica - Ljubljana with all additional costs;
  • transport in Montenegro by bus with all associated costs;
  • 7 x half board (accommodation in 3* or 4* hotels, breakfast, dinner);
  • all entrance fees for museums and national parks, boat trip, local guide at selected places (approx. 60,00 € per person),
  • guided by a licensed Slovenian tour guide with good knowledge of all destinations;
  • costs of travel preparation and organization.

Price does not include:

  • additional food and drinks are not included in the price of the arrangement;
  • entrance fees for all additional tours that are not part of the program.

Surcharge on request:

  • single room: 80,00 €;
  • Trip cancellation insurance;
  • Travel insurance.


  • during their stay in Montenegro, passengers are not covered by special health insurance, nor are their property or any kind of damage insured (personal injury, theft, car accidents, kidnapping, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods, landslides, ...) - the insurance is concluded by each traveller himself through an agency or directly with the insurance company;
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  • we do not assume the consequences of loss of luggage during air transport, all possible costs are borne by the passenger.
  • special medical care (e.g. vaccination) is not required before departure.