October 21-29, 2022

nine-day trip • airplane • jeeps

In the area of the former volcanoes and the sea now stretches the desert. Quite different from the others, because at every step many fascinating secrets reveal themselves, if only you know and are able to see them. How is it possible to climb into a real karst cave in the middle of the desert, collect shells and enjoy warm water springs? Join us on an adventurous journey as we uncover secrets in search of the treasures of the desert that will surely not leave you indifferent.

Day 1 (October 21, 2022): DEPARTURE TO EGYPT

Departure from Brnik and overnight flight via Istanbul to Cairo, where we will arrive in the early hours of the next morning.

Day 2 (October 22, 2022): WATER WEALTH

Upon arrival in Cairo, visa issuance and drive to Bahariya Oasis, where we will first rest in a nearby camp, swim in the hot springs in the afternoon and visit the Pyramid Mountain and the Salt Lake in the evening. Besides the pyramid, we will learn about the geological sights of Bahariya Oasis and get to know the remains of dinosaurs that lived here about 100 million years ago and whose remains were found in this very area. Next to the salt lake, in the setting sun, we will learn the reasons for its formation and find out why this lake is salty, when there are many cold and warm springs with unsalted drinking water in the immediate vicinity. Dinner and overnight at the Bahariya Oasis camp.

Day 3 – 6 (October 23 – 26, 2022): DESERT

In the morning after breakfast, we will set out on a four-day trek through the White and Black Deserts, where we will learn about the diversity of geological, geomorphological, botanical, hydrological, mineralogical and paleontological features. We will get acquainted with the former karst and visit the karst cave, water sources known since ancient times that allowed the settlement of the desert, we will look for fossilized remains of former trees and shells of the former sea. We will see various sculptures and let our imagination run wild among the unusual erosion chalk formations, we will enjoy real desert dunes, try to find the most beautifully formed iron mineral pyrite and find out how fertile the soil under us is when it comes into contact with water. We will spend the night in tents, with food, drink and comfort provided by an experienced team of locals.

Day 7 (October 27, 2022): BAHARIYA

After breakfast we return to Bahariya, where we visit two ancient tombs with typical Egyptian paintings and learn about the Egyptian Pantheon. Afterwards, we will visit the museum where just a few of the thousands of golden mummies discovered in Bahariya are on display, representing one of the richest finds of ancient Egypt. In the afternoon and evening you will have time to stroll through the local stores and stalls, and dinner will be followed by an overnight stay in Bawiti, the main town of the oasis.

Day 8 (October 28, 2022): FAYOUM OASIS

After breakfast, we will drive to Wadi Hitan, where we will see an extremely important paleontological find: the skeleton of the ancestor of today’s whales. In Tunis village we will learn about local pottery and then drive to Cairo airport. Overnight flight home.

Day 9 (October 29, 2022): RETURN HOME

Flight Cairo – Istanbul, Istanbul – Ljubljana. We will arrive at Brnik airport in the morning.


Author of the programme and photos: © Janja Benedik, 2022.

Promoter and organiser of the programme: © naTOURa, Janja Benedik BrE in cooperation with Mostafa Safari Tours, 2022.

Price per person in double room/tent (the price varies according to the number of people in each jeep):

  • 8-9 people: 1.540,00 €,
  • 10 people: 1.460,00 €,
  • 11-12 people: 1.420,00 €,
  • 13-14 people: 1.380,00 €.

The price includes:

  • air transport on the route Brnik - Istanbul - Cairo, Cairo - Istanbul - Brnik with all additional costs,
  • 1 x overnight stay in a camp, 1 x overnight stay in a hotel, 4 x overnight stays in tents,

  • transfer by minibus on the route Cairo - Bahariya, Fayoun - Cairo, transport by minibus along the Bawiti,

  • rental of 4 x 4 vehicles (4 days through the desert and the route Bahariya - Fayoun) with the costs for fuel and driver;

  • Hire of a cook for the desert,

  • meals (full board, 3 meals per day) and water,

  • all entrance fees as per programme (White Desert, Museum and Tombs in Bawiti, Wadi Hitan),

  • visa for Egypt,

  • guided tour by a local Bedouin guide and a Slovenian guide with professional interpretation,

  • the costs for preparation, organisation and implementation of the trip.

The price don't include:

  • additional food and drinks,

  • additional entrance fees that are not part of the programme,

  • anything else not stated in the programme,

  • tips for local drivers and guides.

There are no compulsory supplements.


Supplement on request:

  • single room in hotel, tent for one person: €100,00,

  • Travel Cancellation Insurance with Zavarovalnica Triglav d. d.,
  • Travel Insurance with Zavarovalnica Triglav d. d.

In case of significant increases in airfares or other costs, we reserve the right to increase the price of the arrangement, of which we will immediately inform all registered travellers and act according to Article V of the General Terms and Conditions.

  • During their stay in Egypt, passengers are not automatically covered by health insurance, nor for property or other damage (personal injury, theft, car accidents, kidnappings, terrorist attacks, unrest in the country, natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods, landslides, ...). - all this is arranged by each traveller himself or in consultation with the agency;
  • we are not responsible if in case of natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, floods, landslides, ... the itinerary should be changed;
  • we are not responsible for accidents or injuries during a trek and its consequences; in case of an increase in the prices of petrol, hotels, air tickets or other prices, the price of the arrangement may increase;
  • we are not responsible for cancellations, delays or changes of airline flights and their consequences (higher costs, non-implementation of the whole programme), if the airline cancels the flight and it is taken over by another airline,
  • we do not bear any additional costs, we do not bear the consequences of loss of luggage during the flight, all possible costs are borne by the passenger.
  • No special medical treatment (e.g. vaccination against other diseases such as Covid-19) is required prior to departure.

The currently valid entry requirements for Egypt can be found under the link https://www.visa-egypt.com/articles/travel-restrictions.

The oasis of Bahariya is situated about 500 km west of Cairo and in and around it we find extremely interesting evidence of the changing geological history of this area, which was transformed from a former sea into a desert. The consequences of past geological processes are visible at every turn, but the sites are unknown to many and can only be discovered with the help of experienced local guides deep in the desert, where few tourists venture. We will also discover the ancient human presence at these sites and look for petroglyphs – drawings carved into rocks depicting hunting animals – and traces of extraordinary wealth from the time of the Egyptian dynasties and antiquity, which for many are the exact opposite of what we imagine about life in deserts then and now. A varied programme in a rather wild environment naturally requires good preparation and organisation, because you need a kitchen with all the equipment, tents, sleeping bags, firewood, water, food, enough fuel, … everything according to the principle: nothing should surprise us. The price of the arrangement therefore looks high, but in reality it is realistic when you consider the cost of running it and paying the locals, who always prepare carefully for a trip through the desert, leaving nothing to chance and at the same time giving the trip a unique charm with their hospitality and cheerfulness.