I am a biologist, but I am mainly interested in everything that has to do with nature and history, music and cuisine. Thanks to my almost 20 years of experience in the management of the Natural History Society of Slovenia, I have an extraordinary wealth of experience that has helped me organise and conduct excursions, outings and trips for many years. I am guided by the desire to share my enthusiasm for the countries I visit with others. That’s why I organise trips as far away from mass tourism as possible, into untouched nature that we not only observe but try to understand, among the locals who share with us their experiences and adventures, we get to know the cuisine and of course music cannot be missing, while can elicit a different experience of the places we visit.

Since 2000, as the director of the Natural History Society of Slovenia, I have been taking care of, among other things, the members’ programme, which includes many natural history excursions in Slovenia and later, due to the interest of the members, more and more abroad. This encouraged me to take the exam and acquire a tour guide licence in 2011. I also registered the association as a travel agency and organise many excursions and trips with mainly natural history content. For objective reasons, I had to choose an independent path and continue my work in the hope of showing as many people as possible the natural values and phenomena that surround us and that most of us do not know and therefore do not perceive. Travelling is not just covering a distance and counting the places and countries we have visited, it is exploring, learning, accepting and respecting everything we see and experience. It makes us rich and that what makes the journey worthwhile.