November 18 - December 3, 2023

sixteen-days trip • plane • bus

The land of 1001 nights is a journey into a fairy tale, into endless expanses, a picturesque landscape where you will be sucked into lively bazaars and people will touch you with immense kindness, openness and pride. A land where you can feel the grandeur of former empires and drown in the warm glances of simple people and simply enjoy the tastes, colors and shapes. Diversity and greatness can be admired at every turn, in nature, in the mentality of the people, in architecture, customs, food. So many beautiful things that when you leave you swear that you will definitely visit this country again.

Day 1: November 18, 2023

Departure from Slovenia from Brnik airport, flight to Tehran.

Day 2: November 19, 2023

Arrival in Tehran in the early morning hours. After completing all formalities at the airport transfer from international to domestic airport and flight Tehran - Qeshm Island. Transfer to the hotel, time at leisure for a stroll around the city, dinner and overnight.

Day 3: November 20, 2023

Qeshm Island is the largest island in the Persian Gulf and is protected as a UNESCO Geopark due to its numerous geological features. The island is also known for its diversity of plant and animal species. In the morning we take a boat to the Hara mangrove forest, the largest in the Persian Gulf, and in the afternoon we walk through the geologically interesting Chah-kooh valley, where we learn about the main geological features of the island. Overnight stay on Qeshm Island.

Day 4: November 21, 2023

A day trip to Hormoz Island, which is a salt dome in its entirety and extremely interesting to explore with its colorful rocks. We will visit the Rainbow Valley and the Valley of the Stars, a salt cave and a coast with colorful minerals and learn what is the cause of this wonderful coloring of the rocks. Return to Qeshm Island in the afternoon, dinner and overnight.

Day 5: November 22, 2023

In SW part of the island there is Namakdan Cave, which is the longest salt cave in the world with its length of 6 km. We will see stalactites and stalagmites made of salt and get acquainted with the way and causes of formation of these unusual shapes for us. In the afternoon domestic flight from Qeshm Island to Shiraz. Transport to the hotel and overnight.

Day 6: November 23, 2023

Full day exploration of Shiraz, the city of poets, poetry, flowers and wine. The most famous Iranian poets, Hafez and Saadi, are from this city. We will visit the Karim Khan fort with a museum, explore the large Vakil bazaar with beautiful courtyards, a caravanserai, baths and old stores. The beautiful pink Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque with its art gallery is sure to captivate everyone. We will visit the tomb of the famous poet Hafez and listen to Persian poetry, and if time permits, we will also visit one of the sights of Shiraz. Overnight stay in Shiraz.

Day 7: November 24, 2023

We go to Persepolis, where we see one of the former Persian capitals of the ruler Darius the Great I, which was destroyed by Alexander the Great. We walk through the complex of royal palaces, treasuries and outbuildings, as well as two large ceremonial halls. Nearby we visit the necropolis with the tombs of the ancient Persian kings Naqsh-e-Rostam and later Pasargadae with the tomb of the Persian ruler Cyrus the Great, founder of the Achaemenid Empire. Late lunch at a local restaurant. Overnight stay in Shiraz.

Day 8: November 25, 2023

We will drive towards the city of Kerman with a stop at the Maharlu Salt Lake. We will learn about the ecology of the salt lake and the reason for its formation. If we are lucky, we can observe water birds and learn why the lake's water sometimes has a pink color. On the way to Kerman we will admire a beautiful landscape with saffron and almond plantations, and in one of them we will stop for a real Persian picnic.

Kerman is an important city on the edge of the desert on the former Silk Road. We visit the old bazaar and enjoy tea in a local tea house. We visit the "glacier" Moayedi (Yakhchal), a building that once served as a cold storage in the hot summer days of the desert. Overnight stay in Kerman.

Day 9: November 26, 2023

From Kerman we drive to the Lut Desert and spend a full day exploring the largest caluts (sand dunes) and nebkas (vegetated dunes) in the world. We will visit a salt river and a waterfall and climb up to the basalt plateau above the desert, from where we will have a wonderful view of one of the most diverse deserts in the world. We will also wait for the sunset in the desert.

The desert of Lut was included in the World Heritage List UNESCO due to its extremely diverse geomorphological forms, kaluts and valleys. It is also considered the hottest desert in the world. We will spend the night in the camp in the village of Dehseyf, where there will be dinner.

Day 10: November 27, 2023

After breakfast we will go once again to the desert of Lut, this time to the other side, where there are impenetrable dunes. We will enjoy a drive among them and admire the picturesque landscape. After returning from the desert, we will drive to the city of Rayen, where we will visit the restored sand citadel. We will get acquainted with the construction method made of sand bricks, which is very typical for this part of Iran.

We drive to Rayen through picturesque villages and stop at the colorful Hormak Mountains and admire the deep gorges. Dinner in Rayen, then drive to Kerman, overnight.

Day 11: November 28, 2023

We drive to the city of Yazd along the impenetrable pistachio plantations, the most prized in this part of Iran. On the way we will stop at a former caravanserai and see the Khanate system that will accompany us to Yazd. Before arriving in Yazd, we will stop at a renovated caravanserai that has been converted into an idyllic hotel and restaurant by members of the Ismaili minority. We will also have dinner there before arriving in Yazd, and admire the sunset from the roof of the caravanserai.

The city of Yazd is the center of Zoroastrian culture and famous for silk weaving and confectionery. The Old City is on the World Heritage List UNESCO and has the second oldest architecture in the world. Overnight stay in Yazd.

Day 12: November 29, 2023

Learn about Zoroastrianism, once the predominant religion in Iran: visit the Steps of Silence and the Temple of Fire, where eternal fire has burned for more than 700 years. Then visit the Petka Mosque with the tallest minarets in Iran and the Museum of Windmills. In the afternoon, visit Dowlat-Abad Garden with the tallest wind tower. Overnight stay in Yazd.

Day 13: November 30, 2023

Go to Isfahan, "the most beautiful city in the world". We will see the main square Naqsh-e Jahan, where Ali Qapu Palace and Shah and Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque are located. The rest of the day is free to explore the Grand Bazaar and other sights or relax in one of the beautiful city parks. Overnight stay in Isfahan.

Day 14: December 1, 2023

In the morning visit New Julfa, the Armenian quarter in Isfahan. We will visit the beautiful Cathedral of the Holy Savior and the Khatchatur Kesaratsi Museum with a presentation of the Armenian minority. Free afternoon, overnight in Isfahan.

Day 15: December 2, 2023

We will drive from Isfahan to the village of Abyaneh, where we will learn about its special architecture. The village is built of red mud bricks colored by iron oxides and is also characterized by a special costume of the women. Afterwards, we will drive to the city of Kashan, where we will visit the picturesque gardens of the wealthy local families, and then drive to Tehran International Airport.

Day 16: December 3, 2023

Departure from Iran and arrival in Slovenia.

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Before the trip, a meeting of the participants will be organized, where you will receive all the necessary information about the trip.

Price per person in a double room (18-20 registered persons): 1.715,00 €..


  • entrance fees and lunch/dinner: approx. 200,00 € per person (payment during the trip),
  • approx. 15,00-20,00 € per person for transportation by 4x4 vehicles in the desert of Lut (payment on site),
  • supplement if the group consists of only 15-17 people: 95,00 €,
  • supplement if the group consists of only 12-14 people: 235,00 €,
  • supplement if the group consists of only 10-11 people: 385,00 €,
  • supplement if the group consists of only 8-9 people: 505,00 €,eb: 505,00 €.



  • letalski prevoz na relaciji Ljubljana – Istanbul – Tehran, Tehran – Istanbul – Ljubljana z vsemi pripadajočimi stroški,
  • notranja leta na relaciji Tehran – Qeshm in Qeshm – Shiraz,
  • vožnja z ladjo na relaciji Qeshm – Hormoz, Hormoz – Qeshm,
  • Iran travel insurance,
  • entry visa for Iran,
  • transportation by tourist bus in Iran according to the program,
  • boat trip on the island of Qeshm (mangrove tour),
  • 14 x overnight with breakfast in 3* or 4* hotels, 1 x overnight in a camp at the edge of the Lut desert,
  • the guided tour by a Slovenian and Iranian, English-speaking guide,
  • costs of travel preparation and organization.


  • everything that is not listed above,
  • possible costs for additional tours or meals not listed in the program,
  • possible tips for guides and local drivers.
  • everything that is additionally organized and carried out during the trip itself wishes of passengers and is not part of the original program..

The indicated prices of the arrangement apply to the current price of airline tickets. The purchase of air tickets is carried out when the minimum number of passengers is guaranteed. If the price of air tickets is higher than the current price, we reserve the right to increase the price of the arrangement, about which we will inform all registered passengers.

By registering and signing the contract you secure your place. Payment for the arrangement will be made when the minimum number of passengers is guaranteed.

  • during their stay in Iran, passengers are not covered by special health insurance, nor are their property or any kind of damage insured (personal injury, theft, car accidents, kidnapping, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods, landslides, ...) - the insurance is concluded by each traveler himself through an agency or directly with the insurance company;
  • we are not responsible if in case of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, fires, floods, landslides, ... the travel program must be changed,
  • we are not responsible for accidents or injuries during trekking and their consequences,
  • in the event of an increase in the price of gasoline, hotels, airline tickets or other prices, the price of the arrangement may increase,
  • we are not responsible for cancellations, delays or changes of flights of airlines and their consequences (higher costs, non-implementation of the entire programme),
  • if the airline cancels the flight and it is taken over by another airline, we will not cover any additional costs,
  • we do not assume the consequences of loss of luggage during air transport, all possible costs are borne by the passenger.
  • before entering Iran, a completed vaccination against Covid-19 or a negative PCR test not older than 48 hours is required.

Before leaving for Iran, a meeting of fellow travelers will be organized to introduce the trip in more detail and provide you with additional information to help make your trip in Iran as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Slovenians require an Iranian visa to enter Iran, which we will obtain for you along with a letter of invitation. In case of cancellation of the trip, we cannot reimburse the cost of obtaining a visa, as this money is not reimbursed by the relevant Iranian authorities either.

To obtain a visa, you will need a photo for ID and a passport that must be valid for at least 9 months and not have an Israeli stamp.

After registering, you will receive a form by e-mail where you will fill in the necessary personal data for the issuance of a visa. You will also need to submit your personal photo and a color copy of your passport. All relevant information and instructions will be sent to your e-mail address after registration.

Zdravstveno zavarovanje: ob vstopu v državo je potrebno imeti urejeno zdravstveno zavarovanje za Iran, sicer vstop v Iran ni mogoč. Iransko zavarovanje je vključeno v ceno aranžmaja (uredila nam ga bo agencija iz Irana), lahko pa vam za doplačilo uredimo tudi zavarovanje na potovanju Zavarovalnice Triglav d. d, s katerim se zavarujete na poti tja in nazaj, na samem potovanju in tudi za morebitno izgubo prtljage, … (turistično zavarovanje za tujino si lahko uredite tudi sami).


To enter Iran, it is currently required to have

  1. completed vaccination against covid-19;
  2. negativen PCR test, ki ne sme biti starejši od 48 ur (uredi si ga vsak potnik sam);
  3. travel insurance that covers the costs of treatment against covid-19;
  4. certificate of accommodation (arranged by a partner agency from Iran).

Entry requirements may still change before departure, so the vaccination and PCR test may no longer be required.

Weather Zimski čas potovanja je izbran namerno, saj bomo obiskali predele Irana, kjer padavin na splošno ni veliko, pozimi pa so temperature zelo primerne za potovanje in poleti prav gotovo previsoke (v puščavi Lut do 70 °C). Malo hladneje bo v osrednjem delu Irana, kjer bodo temperature precej nižje in podobne našim jesenskim oz. spomladanskim.

Security: Iran is a safe country, and the people are extremely friendly and very open, often quickly making contact with foreigners and striking up a conversation. However, you should always be on the lookout for potential pickpockets, especially where there are many people, such as bazaars and more heavily trafficked tourist areas.

Dress: in Iran, the following dress codes are officially prescribed:


  • long pants are required,
  • long-sleeved T-shirts or shirts are recommended, short sleeves are also allowed.


  • hair must be covered with a scarf;
  • the upper part of the garment must have long sleeves and reach mid-thigh (tunics are best);
  • the lower part of the garment can be long pants or a long skirt, which should reach the ankles.

If you want us to take out one of the tourist insurances for you at Zavarovalnica Triglav, d. d., please fill in the consent form by clicking on the link below:

Consent to take out travel cancellation insurance

Consent to take out travel cancellation insurance

You can learn more about the individual insurances under the following link